A portfolio / blog site blasting out of a slightly crazy, possibly a bit ADD, but definitely unique mind.

About Me

We Can Do It!Hello. I’m Mythandra, my name’s pronounced just as it’s spelled, simply sound it out.  🙂 I recently graduated from The Art Institute of Portland, where I studied advertising. I am an eager copywriter / creative strategist needing a place to learn and grow, a home of sorts. I am a mother (of two), a wife, and a creative. I don’t dig on grouches or people without a sense of humor. I am about community and building lasting relationships. My laid-back funky casual attitude allows me to get along with pretty much everyone. I believe in compassion and understanding, listening and motivating, as well as laughing daily and smiling until your cheeks hurt.

In my free time I write stories and poetry, practice amateur photography, sketch and chase my kiddies around. I’m a huge nerd, not the pocket protector and calculator type. I like comics and superheroes, science-fiction, vampires and 80s movies (Labyrinth is one of my all-time faves). I also collect board games, and I sing loudly everyday. Not always in key, mind you.

My Dad and II’m an avid reader. I grew up in a bookstore/comic shop that my dad owned. I keep at least two or three by my bedside. In addition, I am working on a novel of my own. Through the process of writing said novel, I’ve gained insight into the workings of my slightly crazy mind, which I believe has made me a better writer all around.

Well, that’s a little about me, if you want to know more feel free to contact me. Now, go explore the site. Thanks for visiting!



One response

  1. Mythandra,
    I came across your post on our Portfolio NIght posters and wanted to say thanks. It was interesting to read your experience with the same type of event at the Art Institute. Hard to take something serious when there’s no effort put into making it feel serious.

    When I started PN last year I knew we would have to make an effort to create interest and get people excited about being a part of the event. Nothing to this scale that included both ad agencies and design shops had ever been attempted here in Arizona. We’re pretty excited about where it’s heading and the positive feedback we’ve had from students and professionals who were involved.

    I’m starting to ramble, but thanks again. It’s always nice to know our work is making an impact. I’m looking forward to seeing how everything goes next week.

    February 23, 2012 at 1:41 pm

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