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To show target consumers that Skullcandy is the headphone that matches their personal style as well as functions well while engaging in action sports.

Illustrate the graphic nature of Skullcandy Headphones while highlighting the target’s need live their lives to the fullest extent. To create unique illustrations reflecting the specific graphic elements of the headphones produced by Skullcandy. The Tagline “Live Louder” reflects the need of the target’s need to constantly live life as loudly and fully as possible.

Skullcandy headphones bring a unique style and edge to an overwhelmingly boring headphone market. The target audience focuses on individuality and unique style in all of their endeavors. From their personalities to their clothing choices to their sport of choice. This campaign highlights the living out loud attitude of this audience. It also illustrates the graphic elements of individual headphones themselves.


Live Louder

Digital Comp

Live Louder

Live Louder

Digital Comp.

Live Louder


Digital Comp.

Live Louder Bench

Guerrilla Concept

Guerrilla Concept: ‘The Bench that gets you on your feet!’


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