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3D Center of Art and Photography

Entice visitors to the 3D Center of Art and Photography for the exhibit “Unseen Ellis Island” by Sheldon Aronowitz & Gary Schacker, while staying within a strict budget.

A black and white print campaign was created to set the stage for the presentation, to illustrate the full story. This piece sends the reader back, into the voyage that 12 million immigrants made to the United States. The exhibit continues the tale of starting new lives in new world.

Many American’s ancestors traveled to the new world passing through one of the Ellis Island Immigration centers. They came with dreams of the promising land across the pond. They were enamored with the mixed cultures and business opportunities in this nation. They flocked here in deplorable conditions in hopes of starting fresh and getting away from poverty in the Europe. Highlighting the struggles of the long voyage at sea sets the tone of the entire Ellis Island exhibit. This isn’t just history, it’s our history.

3D Center

Headline:    Suffering for a dream

Body copy:
1- August- 1909: The desolate ocean surrounds you, and the grey, the grey sky, grey water, grey sails and pale grey of other passenger’s skin and clothing becomes an encompassing pressure, a dead weight on already heavy shoulders. The ship’s coarsened weather worn deck merges with the bleak grey sky to invade your consciousness; fills your mind.

As you walk the deck, roaring waves of salty seawater crash over the railing. Soaking wet and freezing cold, your body quakes with the seeming rhythm of the rocking ship.

The ocean and sky leach your psyche. Months have passed and still no dry land. The hope of a great future in a great new world faded, weeks ago, with the shoreline.

At some point, the dream of starting fresh, a new life, sank. Reverie turned into the pure desire to feel dirt and rock beneath your feet, to step onto unyielding ground.

Solid rock, in the form of Ellis Island, ended the journey for twelve million immigrants. From 1900 to 1954, optimistic travelers passed though the three processing centers of the Ellis Island group.

“Unseen Ellis Island” is a captivating 3D multimedia presentation by Sheldon Aronowitz & Gary Schacker. They compiled original photos from Ellis Island with new photos taken on two islands that have been closed to the public since 1954 and remain unchanged. Come experience life in vivid 3D at Portland’s premier 3D art center. “Unseen Ellis Island” — Thursday March 5, 2009 – Sunday May 3, 2009.

Catch the buzz, catch 3D.
3D Center of Art and Photography
1928 NW Lovejoy Street
Portland, Oregon 97209


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