A portfolio / blog site blasting out of a slightly crazy, possibly a bit ADD, but definitely unique mind.

By the way…

By the way…

It’s raining again

Light by light

The sky opens, heaven falls

Drop by drop

Leaves stretch reaching for faith

Line by line

Teaching lesson primed in war

Trial by trial

The waiting mass slumbers

Dream by dream

Rhythm pounding in heartbeats numbered

Rage by rage

Nothing left unencumbered

Strand by strand

Time sliding slowly fore and aft

Blow by blow

No one alone in darkness breached

Wave by wave

Crashing on the shores of longing, desire

Breath by breath

Fighting its way here

Step by step


One response

  1. Another of your poems that leaves me seeing the larger picture but needing time to see the parts. I rather like that as it creates a feeling that the poem could be read many times and one would always learn something new. Lovely. Hugs, pat

    June 11, 2011 at 3:34 pm

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