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Kraft Zesty Salad Dressing

I absolutely HATE this effing commercial. I don’t really know why, except that it seems a bit like a rip off of that one Old Spice commercial. And the way that guy caresses the dough makes me gag. I literally turn away from the TV every time it comes on. Ewww.



The Challenge….

I love this!


Ipad vs Paper

An incredibly simple entertaining commercial…

HackSchool = Creative Learning

HackSchool = Creative Learning

Love this concept!

Happy Dino…..

Superheroes as…..?

I’ve seen artist renderings of superheroes as different objects, animals, and characters, but never any quite like these.


Here’s the link to where I found these hilarious beasties:

I found a few more!

Here’s a link to the artist’s Deviant Art Profile:

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