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Ad of the Day: Ray-Ban (Celebrating 75 years)

Ray-Ban is celebrating 75 years of making killer eye wear. With a slogan like “Never Hide” coupled with the ‘We don’t give a F&%$” attitude, You’d expect some outrageous, most likely infelicitous, campaign. However, their pieces still show an element of class. They’re refined and classic. Quite frankly, I find them brilliant. The imagery’s strong, emotional, inspiring, and beautiful. I’ve never worn Ray-Bans, and maybe it’s a common feeling when you do wear them, but these piece make me want to get out paint the town, live with out inhibitions, throw my arms up and shout “WhoooHoooo!” to the Heavens.

They make me want to show the real me, even to the public. Beware world, if I ever get some of that liberating eye wear. I’m coming for you.

Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Dimitri Guerassimov, Eric Jannon
Art Directors: Bastien Grisolet, Anaïs Boileau, Souen Le Van
Copywriter: Martin Rocaboy
Published: April 2012


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