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Ad of the Day: Só Ação Solidarity Movement / Book Biennial of Pernambuco: Book Donation

Everybody that knows me understands my love of books. Growing up in bookstore will  lead to either one of two things. Either one will love books and reading with a burning fiery passion or they’ll hate reading with a burning fiery passion since they were probably forced to whether they wanted to or not.

I’m glad to say I fall into the first category. It wasn’t always that way however. When I was younger, middle school and before, I hated reading. I hated it, not because I wasn’t good at it. I read at a high school level by the 6th grade, but because I was expected to love to read. As soon as people found out that my dad owned a book store, it was all, “I bet you love to read then, huh?” And I’d want to shout, “Heck no!” but I didn’t.

I grew into a reader.

Now, as I grow older I find I appreciate reading more and more. However, I see my daughter struggling. She’s where I was at her age (She’s in the second grade.) She’s a great reader. She reads well above her grade level, but she doesn’t enjoy it like some of the other kid’s in her class. Don’t get me wrong, she’ll read if she has too, but she’d rather run around acting like a crazy wild monkey. I push her to try reading different types of books, to try to entice her into becoming an avid reader. The same way others used to do to me. I hated it. I can’t help it though. I want her to read. I want her to feel swept up by the drama, the characters, the mysteries, into a world of imagination and magic.

I digress.

Today’s campaign from Só Ação Solidarity Movement / Book Biennial of Pernambuco: Book Donation encourages the audience to donate their old or used books rather than throwing them out. I love their concept and illustrations. Another great campaign coming out of Brazil.

Advertising Agency: Paz Comunicação Estratégica, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Leonardo Parnes
Art Director: Marcelo Maciel
Copywriter: Leonardo Parnes
Illustrator: Casa do Pixel
Planner: Einhart Jácome da Paz
Executive Account: Alexandra Raffa
Published: February 2012

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