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Ad of the Day: D’Addario Strings

Great interactive ideas are hard to come by, but I think I found one. I really like the pieces in this campaign from D’Addario Strings. The illustrations are amazing, they’re bright and energetic. They get me totally pumped and ready to make some music. Now, I don’t play the guitar (although I’ve tried to learn a few times) but if I saw these in a shop I wouldn’t be able to resist plucking a few strings.


D’Addario // interactive poster // campaign from rafa oliveira on Vimeo.

Advertising Agency: Musical Express, São Paulo, Brazil
Art Directors: Rafa Oliveira, Ed Nogueira
Illustrators: Gustavo Masías, Ed Nogueira, Rafa Oliveira
Photographer: Rodrigo Pirim
3D: MMJ Studio and Eduardo Gomes
Retouch: André Santos / Malagueta Studio
Published: September 2011

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