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Ad of the Day: Arizona St. University Portfolio Night 2012

Today’s campaign from the Arizona State University Phoenix Portfolio Night 2012 reminds me of  my Alma Mater. Except that these pieces are actually somewhat creative, unlike what my old school put out.

I went to a design school where we also had a portfolio show. Ours however was on an effing Friday afternoon. What employer really has time to attend a recruiting event on a Friday, usually one of people’s busiest days of week. They’re trying to prepare for the weekend, make sure deadlines are met, not go downtown and peruse student portfolios.

Even though we had very talented graphic design  and advertising graduates, our only publicity for the event was a stupid postcard and word of mouth. Our advisers pumped up the importance of said show (which flopped for most of us). They forgot to mention the hundreds of dollars we spent putting together our booths was going to be a waste, as hardly any employers actually showed up. Maybe it was the person in charge of our show that ruined it for us as he was demoted right afterward.

Alas, the world goes on.

I’m not  a huge fan of the imagery for today’s campaign, however I enjoy the concept as well as the writing.


Advertising Agency: TunnelBravo, Mesa, Arizona, USA
Creative Directors: Stewart West, John Johnson
Art Director: Jason Johnson
Copywriters: Jason Johnson, Stewart West, John Johnson
Additional credits: Travis Ladue
Published: February 2012

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