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Ad of the Day: McDonald’s

I saw this commercial the other day, and loved it. The characters in this commercial, from McDonald’s, are so freaking cute I couldn’t resist sharing it especially on this day when people profess their undying love to each other.  And ’cause old people love is just so disgustingly cute it’s contagious.

I’m not into the whole Valentine’s day thing. I think it’s idiotic to need a special day to say I love you, when people should just say it everyday. Since when do we have only one day in the whole year in which professing love and devotion should occur, and why for Pete’s sake would materialistic things have anything to do with showing your love? It’s just another excuse for people to spend money they don’t have.

Love Love Love, Be my Valentine (whatever the heck that means) Blah blah blah.

Watch the video.



Country: USA
Brand: McDonald’s
Year: 2010
Agency: DDB (Chicago)

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