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Ad of the Day: Ray of Hope

I’ve never been gambling. Well, except of scratch lotto tickets, if that even counts. However, I’ve witnessed the stress, hurt, and fear a gambling addiction causes not only the person struggling with the addiction, but all the people in their lives. It’s a scary thing. Ray of Hope provides just that, a ray of hope for those stuck in the revolving door of gambling.

I love the art for this campaign, but the copy’s really clunky / unrefined. Maybe it’s a translation thing, as the ads came to us from Singapore. In spite of the copy, the character’s are intense and scary enough that the campaign works.

“Get to us before he/she gets to you
Let ray of hope help you fight problem gambling
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Chris Chiu
Art Director: Jae Soh
Copywriter: Colin Koh
Producer: Goh Mei Yi
Photographer: Jeremy Wong / Nemesis Pictures
Retoucher: Evan / Magic Cube
Account manager: Eunice Wang

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