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Ad of the Day: Liqui-Fruit

Sometimes I see ads that make me say, “What the hell were you thinking?” or “Why would any one approve this concept?” or “Are you freaking kidding me?” Well, today’s one of those days. This campaign from Liqui-Fruit made me say all of those and a few more.

Their Brief states that their mission was to: Reinforce the promise of “Nothing but fruit.”

Their solution was to take a photo of a fruit place it on a simple gradient background and pair it with a straw. Seriously?

  1. A photo isn’t fruit, so you’ve lied already.
  2. Now, what do you want people to do with the useless straw you’ve just left them with? Most people are going to round file it. Thanks for adding to the landfills Liqui-Fruit. Ass-holes.
  3. The agency should be ashamed for wasting the clients $$. It’s damn expensive to put inserts, like that stupid little straw, into thousands of magazines. Shame on you, Bester Burke Slingers. Shame on you.


Okay enough of my rant. Here’s the pieces:

Advertising Agency: Bester Burke Slingers, Cape Town, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Stephen Burke
Art Director: Tim Jones
Copywriter: Ruan AJ Coetzee
Account Director: Owen Kley
Account Manager: Nadia Railoun



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