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Ad of the Day: Musicians On Call

Musicians On Call brings live and recorded music to the bedside of patients in healthcare facilities. Today’s campaign reminds us all of the mystical healing powers of music. At the same time it inspires those who posses musical talents to share their gifts with the ones in need.

I really love the idea behind this group, however, the actual campaign is just alright for me. The first piece has a spacial issue, the musician is too damn close to the patient. That violin would blast his eardrums off. The middle piece is by far the best, even though it’s very cliché. The bottom one gives me the heebie-geebies.



This last piece kinda creeps me out for some reason. Maybe it’s cause I’m terrified of old people. Or maybe it’s the perspective of the photograph, but what ever it is it reminds me of a serial killer. WTF, right? That’s just where my mind goes, I guess.


Advertising Agency: Cline Davis Mann, NYC, USA
Creative Director: Glenn Batkin
Art Director: Glenn Batkin, Matt Shih
Copywriter: Adam Siers, Megan Ziobro
Photographers: David Sacks, David Emmite
Published: July, 2011 and still running

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