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Ad of the Day: Zap Doctors

A soon as I saw today’s campaign from Zap Doctors I though of my dear sister. Whenever she’s got an ailment, no matter how small, or when she makes a doctor’s appointment for something, she WebMD’s EVERYTHING possible. I swear one day she’s going to give herself a heart attack from all the stress she causes herself by over-diagnosing her symptoms.

This campaign illustrates the complete opposite of my over zealous sister. However, she would act in  a similar manner if she didn’t have things like the Zap Doctor or WebMD. Her mind would take the simplest problem and transform it into the most life-threatening illness imaginable.


Advertising Agency: Mccann Erickson, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Creative Director: Nir Levi
Art Director: Geva Gershin
Copywriter: Asaf Zelicovitch
Illustrator: Omer Hoffmann
Published: December 2011

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