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Ad of the Day: Focus on the Family

I hope I don’t offend too many folks with this post today. Well, actually I really don’t care if I offend some peeps out there. Today’s ad and/or what I have to say about it might make some people mad or whatever. You’re warned.

This commercial is, quite frankly, a giant load of steaming B.S. Advertising to children has always been a controversial topic, the same goes for using children in certain types of ads. Obviously we don’t want our children in ads for alcohol or other things geared toward adults. Along the same lines, children SHOULD NOT be paid to deliver religious messages. Especially when they are of an age that cannot completely comprehend the impact of said messages, or understand the mission of the organization behind the ads.

This commercial from Focus on the Family does just that. They USE these children for their cute factor to deliver a religious message, over a mass media channel. This commercial first aired during the playoff game between the Denver Broncos (Tim Tebow) and the New England Patriots. The air time alone probably cost the group a million bucks.

I think this organization is B.S. in the first place, but this cements in my mind that they are scum bags. Not only do they prey on children, but they believe everyone should have to adhere to their standards from their chosen religion no matter the person’s faith (or lack there of). They may argue that they aren’t but they’re HUGE bigots. They go against their own beliefs when it suits their manufactured agenda. Even though their belief systems states not to judge others and directs them to love and accept their neighbors for who they are, they instead point their fingers at specific groups of people, singling them out, and not only judge them but calls them names and vilifies their chosen lifestyle. In my opinion, this group is based on hate-mongering and the suppression of others. That is all.


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