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Ad of the Day: AOK Health Insurance

Smoking is bad. We’ve all heard it a hundred million times. I quit smoking a year and a half ago, and my lungs are just now getting clearing out. It takes a full year, at the very least, for your lungs to recover after quitting smoking, and for the risk of coronary heart disease to drop to half that of a smoker. Other things take even longer to recover. It takes an excess of 5 years to drop the risk of stroke to that of a non-smoker. It takes 15 years for the risk of coronary heart disease to reach the level of a never-smoker.

Today’s pieces from AOK Health Insurance show us how quitting smoking affects our lungs, through an interactive calendar, as well as the effect of smoking on our lungs through an outdoor installation piece.


“One year without cigarettes. And your lungs can breathe again.”
Advertising Agency: Serviceplan Health & Life, Munich, Germany
Creative Director: Mike Rogers
Art Director: Wolfgang Nagel
Copywriter: Christoph Bohlender
Published: January 2011


The AOK is Germany’s largest health insurance company.
Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Dritte Werbeagentur, Munich, Germany
Creative Director: Ekki Frenkler
Art Director: Alexander Nagel
Copywriter: Cosimo Möller
Photographer: Alan Grund
Published: December 2006

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