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Ad of the Day: The Sunday Times Rich List 2011

I am expressing my extreme disgust at the very fact that this Sunday Times Rich List of 2011 even exists. With our country in its present climate, and world’s economy in a state of complete upheaval, things like this make me wonder if anyone in the media has a heart. Please show me a list of all these people who live the easy life while everyone else struggles to keep food on the table while their homes are getting taken away. That’s exactly what I want about while I see our Veteran’s begging for change on the street corner in the rain.

Now about the actual campaign: It sucks. Whoever chose the images needs firing. Ricky Gervais’ picture is absolutely horrid. No one wants a view that close to his big ass. What’s with the very pixelated image of that guy’s mouth? Plus they flipped the image of Paul Mccartney, possibly the most famous left-handed guitar player in the world, and that’s just stupid.

Advertising Agency: CHI & Partners, UK
Executive Creative Directors: Jonathan Burley
Creative Director: Micky Tudor
Copywriters / Art Directors: Matt Collier, Wayne Robinson
Graphic Designers: Dan Beckett, Rob Petrie
Art Buyer: Emma Modler

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