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Ad of the Day: Bayer Nazol

The last week or so I’ve had a stuffy nose, so when I saw this campaign from Bayer Nazol (Nasal Spray) I definitely felt connected to it. Being that I’m olfactory impaired, I would love to wake up to almost any kind of smell. However, some of the things the illustrator included in the image aren’t exactly ideal, like the pigs sharing a steaming pile of dung or the bum drinking by the trash can.

A few other things Illustrator guy, why is there a steaming pile of poo in the green sea? And why is the sea green in the first place? Or why did you choose to illustrate a chicken egg being sucked out of a chicken butt? So weird.



“Wakes your nose up to the smells of the world.”
Advertising Agency: BBDO, Moscow, Russia
Creative Directors: Luis Tauffer, Andres Vergara
Copywriters: Luis Tauffer, Christian Balivet
Art Directors: Luis Tauffer, Teco Cipriano
Illustrator: Teco Cipriano

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