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Ad of the Day: Image Hair Group

There’s a huge debate about these pieces on Adsoftheworld.com and I think it’s quite entertaining. Apparently, there’s a website with whole bunch of this type of image (http://moustair.tumblr.com/) with the mustache meets hair meets mustache thing going on. I’d never heard of it before seeing these ads for Image Hair Group. I guess the site was pretty popular a while back. Anyway, the debate is about ripping off creative ideas. Is it a rip-off to take a visual idea and essentially re-purpose it for an ad campaign?

What makes this even more entertaining is that the man (Jon Vall) who originally created the Moustair site is one of the Creative Directors for the Ad agency that produced the campaign. So, is he ripping-off his own idea?

I don’t think he ripped of his own idea, but I’m appalled that he even considered using it for a client. Feels cheap and like the client kinda got screwed by this guy for putting a used idea out there with their name on it.


Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Duesseldorf, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Felix Glauner
Creative Directors: Oliver Hilbring, Jon Vall
Art Director: Ingmar Krannich

Copywriter: Christian Kroll

Postproduction: Peter Holzportz
Account: Daniel Grube
Published: 2011

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