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Ad of the Day: Lifestyle Ginger Jewellery

I’ve never been big on fashion or jewelery. I’ve never followed the prescribed style conventions of the season, or gotten giddy with excitement over New York’s fashion week. Most the time, I’ll admit, I’m a t-shirt jeans and a sweatshirt kinda gal. I’d take dirty ass sneakers over fancy heels any day. And I’ll probably never change. However, I love fashion advertising. Would I wear half the shit they stick those models into? Hell to the no. But those women sure look good.

Even though this campaign from Lifestyle Ginger Jewellery isn’t actual models, the women here still look amazing. I love these illustrations, the juxtaposition of the elegant lines and colors against the grunge background strikes something in me. I’m drawn into the moment, as if theses were real models. Except that it’s a bit fantasy, like if we all lived in an illustrated world and were all illustrated people.


Advertising Agency: JWT, Bangalore, India
Creative Director: Senthil Kumar
Art Director: Kanickraj Samuel
Illustrator: Sanoop
Photographer: Jaggi
Digital Mastering: Raviraj Patil
Published: November 2011

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