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Ad of the Day: National Geographic / Appshaker

Technology amazes me everyday.

Imagine walking through your favorite Mall, chatting with your buddies, when you notice a crowd gathering near the bottom of the down escalator. You guys hurry over, ’cause let’s face it, we American’s are nosy. As you finally reach the front of the crowd, there roaming in the concrete jungle is a majestic Jaguar, or gigantic dinosaur, or perhaps a sweet dolphin swims past.What do you make of that?

That’s what National Geographic and Appshaker wanted people to experience with this ambient campaign. Watch and see how these audience members reacted to finding the outdoors inside.



Advertising Agency: Appshaker, London, UK
Creative Directors: Alex Poulson, Kevin Jackson
Art Director: Barnabas Nanay
3D: Vertigo Digital
Production Directors: Adam Trost, Szabolcs Turányi-Vadnay
From : adsoftheworld.com

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