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Ad of the Day: Amnesty International

The world we live in is a crazy messed up place, much more so than we like to believe. At Amnesty International, it’s their goal to take a bit of that mess, the nasty, cruel, and unjust, and rid the world of it. Their goal’s to create a better, safer, place for the rest of us.

This campaign, playing off the unlock feature on the iPad and iPhone, allows the viewer to free a prisoner with a swipe of their finger.


I do believe Amnesty missed an opportunity on the print pieces, however, by not including a QR code to take viewers directly to the site where they can download the wallpapers.

Advertising Agency: Garbergs, Sweden
Art Director: Sebastian Smedberg
Digital Director: Magnus Hällsten
Digital Producer: Niklas Bergström
Account Director: Anna Frick
Account Manager: Malin Boustedt
Graphic Designer: Jacob Frisk
Copywriter: Per Forssberg
Photographer: Peter Alendahl, Adamsky
Retouch: Touchme
Repro: BT Repro
Music: Forevers’s gonna start tonight, Untitled 1
Web production: Public Class / Mobiento

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