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Ad of the Day: Oreo Cakesters

My sweet tooth’s the size of freaking North America. I love sweets, cake, pie, whatever. If it’s sugary sweet, odds are I’ll stuff it down my hole as fast as humanly possible. Oreo Cakesters are no exception. I love those deliciously addicting little cakes even more than regular oreos. Both, however, require a very tall glass of icy milk.

As with my taste preference, I like this campaign for the cakesters better than the recent campaigns I’ve seen for regular oreos. Especially those stupid dunk league ones with the Manning brothers.

Part of the attraction to this campaign could be the length of the spots, each only lasting 10 -15 seconds.

“Pump up the Awesome”

Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, USA
Creative Directors: Jeff Hilts, Ron MacDonald
Copywriters: Santiago Fernandez-Concha, David Strasser
Art Director: Oliver Brooks
Agency Producer: Anna Neilson
Animation: Head Gear Animation

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