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Ad of the Day: PBS

As I looked through today’s campaign from PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), I experienced a moment of sweet agreement and awe, closely followed by a moment of “What the hell?!”

Sitting on my couch in my PJs, sipping my delicious caffeinated beverage, I found myself nodding in approval at these pieces of intelligent and thought-provoking work. I was digging on the style of the illustrations, and the strategy behind the pieces.

Everything was going amazing. I felt my brain swelling with new found intellect, from just having viewed the ads for PBS.

And then I saw that the campaign hails to us from, not from New York, LA, or Chicago as you’d think, but from London, England. Why is the advertising for our public broadcast channel being made in another country?

That’s when I reached the last ad.

And then I laughed out loud.

Advertising Agency: Hypernaked, London, UK
Creative Director: Oliver Green
Art Director: Ben Brazier
Copywriter: John Ruthven
Designers: Tom Butler, Lorenzo Fruzza, Daniel Huggett.
Client Services Director: Malcom Cox
Published: October 2011

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