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Ad of the Day: Playstation PSP

I have major issues with this campaign from Playstation PSP. Although, it isn’t completely about the pieces themselves as much as the insight they play upon. As a mother of two young children, the idea of the zombie-like effect that video games have on our kids upsets me. Don’t get me wrong, my little ones play video games. We have a Wii and an X-Box 360 in our living room. However I’m very diligent on maintaining moderation of their play time and activities.

Besides that, this campaign is overly sterile, especially the piece set in the kitchen. It’s all too fake, manufactured, and boring. Also the kids are wearing loafers and one has on a sweater vest. Really? Loafers? And sweater vests? Is it 1965?

Advertising Agency: TBWA\ESPAÑA Madrid, Spain
General Creative Directors: Juan Sánchez, Guillermo Ginés
Creative Director: Vicente Rodríguez
Art Director: Fran López
Copywriter: Vicente Rodríguez
Photographer: Jesús Alonso
Published: September 2011

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