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Ad of the Day: Carlsberg

Imagine, you’re on a date. You start with a nice dinner followed by an evening movie. You circle the around the parking lot for what seems like forever, finally finding a spot at the far side. You walk hand in hand to the door, where you open it for your date like a proper gentlemen / gentle-lady. The line’s not too long, so the two of you make a little small talk, still standing holding hands. You get your tickets and popcorn, maybe a soda. You find the right theater, and push the door open to reveal the darkened hallway leading out to the seats. As you enter, you suck in your breath, shocked. This isn’t exactly what you had in mind. The seats are filled with bikers. Big burly scary looking men. Instantly you’re intimated. There are only two seats remaining, directly in the middle. What do you do?

That’s what Carlsberg Beer wanted to know with this guerrilla campaign. Using a hidden camera, they filmed couples in this situation. See who braved the crowd and who ran away with their tails between their legs.


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