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Ad of the Day: Congonhas Travel

This campaign from Congonhas Travel is about the worst thing I’ve seen in this category in a very long time. The writing seriously stinks, however that could just be the translation. There’s quite a few grammatical errors and inconsistencies.

I’m all for good use of white space, which they have, but not at the expense of the overall visuals. Especially in the travel sector, where viewers need enticing and inspiring imagery. There’s just too much white and not enough destination.

“What’s missing in your relationship it isn’t dialogue.
It’s subject.
We’re the lifeguards.”


“The business world is unfair. While you gain weight, you lose hair.
Who works more, deserves more.”

“Are you sinking into graphics and spreadsheets?
We’re the lifeguards.
Who works more, deserves more.”


“If even the computer enter in sleep mode, why can’t you have a break?
Who works more, deserves more.”


Advertising Agency: Paz Comunicação Estratégica, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Haroldo Cardoso
Creative Director: Leonardo Parnes
Art Director: Marcelo Maciel
Copywriter: Leonardo Parnes
Account manager: Alexandra Raffa
Director: Einhart Jacome
Published: September 2011

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