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Ad of the Day: Sheridan College

I went to design school, and have seen (and made) ads for my alma mater. This campaign from Sheridan College blows most of my school’s ads out of the water. Although, the copy isn’t awesome, it sounds too much like a sales pitch. It doesn’t add to the visual, and lacks a payoff. Still, a pretty good campaign over all.

“It’s competitive out there. Simply being a good designer or digital artist isn’t enough in today’s crowded marketplace. Fortunately, Sheridan can train you to be your best. With unparalleled studio time, an in-depth theoretical foundation and a world-class faculty, you’ll stand out for all the right reasons.”

“It’s competitive out there. Standing out in fields like animation and illustration can be an epic undertaking. Fortunately, a Sheridan education gives you an almost superhuman advantage. With unparalleled studio time and a world-class faculty, our programs are designed to power you to the top of the creative industry.”

“It’s competitive out there. You’re not the only one eyeing a career in film or photography. Lucky for you, a Sheridan education can keep you one step ahead of the competition. With programs emphasizing studio time, cutting-edge curriculum and state-of-the-art equipment, you’ll be ready for anything.”
Advertising Agency: Rethink Communications, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Ian Grais
Art Director: Joel Arbez
Copywriter: Dave Thornhill
Illustrator: Kagan Mcleod
Photographer: Matt Barnes
Published: September 2011

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