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Ad of the Day: The Ritz-Carlton

I don’t stay in a lot of hotels, and when I do they’re more like a Best Western or Motel 6. Despite that, this campaign from The Ritz-Carlton makes me want to stay in someplace fancy and relax in pampered bliss.

The imagery’s stunning, and definitely captivating. However, the writing, in my opinion, needs some tweaking. It feels forced and over ambitious in all the pieces, and doesn’t jive with the visuals in a couple of them. Maybe four copywriters working on one campaign was a few too many.

Let us invent a drink in your honor.
Let us transform your room into a tropical paradise.
Let us turn a weekend getaway into a honeymoon you never thought you’d have.
Let us create a memory so indelible, you’ll savor it long after you’ve left.
Let us stay with you.
Let us make you captain of your very own ship.
Let us introduce your kids to a loggerhead turtle.
Let us take you snorkeling by moonlight.
Let us create a memory so vivid, you can still smell the sea air.
Let us stay with you.

Let us take your eyelids back in time.
Let us re-create the recipe from your favorite meal in Paris.
Let us help you unwind without leaving the city.
Let us turn a weekend of pampering into a memory you’ll be reminded of at every turn.
Let us stay with you.


Let us make a new city feel anything but foreign.
Let us tailor you a suit and find your lost luggage while you sleep.
Let us find a translator fluent in both Cantonese and your business.
Let us remind you just how personal business can be.
Let us stay with you.

Let us start each meeting with your client’s favorite orchids.
Let us make a five-hour meeting feel like a fifteen-minute chat.
Let us treat the smallest detail like the greatest challenge.
Let us promise you’ll never look at meetings the same way again.
Let us stay with you.
Agency website: Team One, USA
Creative Director: James Hendry
Art Director: Steve Hanlon
Copywriters: Phil Henson, Emily McDowell, Simon Mainwaring, Kevin Raich
Illustrator: Tom Saputo
Photographer: Geof Kern
Published: September 2011

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