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Ad of the Day: Hell’s Pizza

Hell’s Pizza, a franchise restaurant chain in Australia, takes us down into the depths of darkness to show us what Hellishly good pizza’s all about. With offerings like Brimestone, Envy, Pandemonium, and Purgatory, they give Down Under a new meaning.

Advertising Agency: Barnes, Catmur & Friends Auckland, New Zealand, Executive Creative, Directors: Paul Catmur, Daniel Barnes, Copywriters: Paul Catmur, Jesse Stevens, Matt Weavers, Account Director:Sally Willis

Advertising Agency: Barnes, Catmur & Friends, Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Directors: Paul Catmur, Daniel Barnes, Art Director: Crispin Schuberth, Account Director: Sally Willis

Your mission starts here!            *** Does NOT work on iPad, iPod or iPhone sorry.

Objective: Help Steve get across the city to deliver his pizza without being KILLED by the zombies. Make it all the way and put yourself into the draw to win a years supply of Hell Pizza!!! The contest’s closed now but the story’s still fun to go through. Although it’s a bit long, so make sure you’ve got 10 mins at least to complete your adventure.

Starring: Dj Iwikau, Ben Edwards, Emily Trenberth, Producer: Katie O’Brien, Writer, Director & Editor: Logan Mcmillan, Art Direction: Bryce Holthousen



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