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Ad of the Day: Smart Car (Brazil)

Today’s campaign from Smart Car leaves me speechless, but not in a good way. The print portion of the campaign just doesn’t make sense. The only reason I have a clue what the visual has to do with anything is because I read a concept description. Here, let me explain:

Basically, the visuals are screensavers, which somehow represent the moments when the engine shuts off while being idle. This doesn’t translate in the print campaign at all. Then you get to the commercials, that actually have some decent writing in them, but you miss out on it because of the overly convoluted concept. The srcreensavers could be taken out of the spots and they wouldn’t be half bad.

“New smart. With a MHD engine with start-stop function that automatically shuts down the car when idle, saving fuel and protecting the environment.”

Advertising Agency: Ponto de Criacao, Brazil, Executive Creative Director: Ana Paula Marques, Creative Directors: Caroline Freire, Cristiano Canguçu, Copywriter: Caroline Freire, Art Directors: Cristiano Canguçu, Nando Zenari, Cassio Tisseo, Production Company: MOVI&ART, Producer: Carolina Dantas, Director: Marcelo Trotta



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