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Ad of the Day: Läkarmissionen (independent foundation)

I love the differing style, writing, and overall emotion brought by Läkarmissionen in these two distinct pieces.The Direct mail piece reflects real emotion, more raw, to the bone. It’s lacking in the refinement sector, but makes up for it by driving the message across in an honest down and dirty manner. The commercial, however, brings with it a sense of innocence, of being very small in a very big place. A sense of organization that the first piece didn’t possess, as well as a more complete story. It reminds me of the movie Coraline.

Advertising Agency: Spenat, Karlstad, Sweden Art Director: Fredrik Ternström Copywriter: Åsa Jernfält Widlund Released: June 2009


Advertising Agency: Jack Russel, Stockholm, Sweden Art Director: Mattias Flyborg Copywriter: Viktor Olsson Illustrator: Ulf Arkfeldt, Tina Lindholm Production Company: Acne Production Executive Producer: Pål Åsberg Directors: Anders Forsman, Linus Johansson / Popcore Published: July 2011



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