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Ad of the Day: Lipton Exclusive Collection

I first saw the music video for this campaign for Lipton’s Exclusive Collection tea. It’s a bit long, but it’s a music video and not a commercial. l fell in love with the animation style, especially the Chinese dragon, so I set out to examine the entirety of the campaign. Lipton mentions an outdoor campaign in addition to the video and a website, but I couldn’t find any hint of it. So I settled for exploring the website, which after watching the video is completely pointless.

This is the description Lipton gives to the site:
To promote the origins of tea Exclusive Collection, Lipton offers an interactive “animated trip” through six worlds of the range. The mouse scroller is the only way to experience this sensorial journey where the user will travel through Bombay, London, Sri Lanka… The user is immediately absorbed in a participative and at the same time contemplative experience that goes beyond Flash animation possibilities. This multi-sensory journey infused with colorful « pop » cues allows you to discover how far the tea can take you.

My observations:

  • 1) The scroller isn’t the only way to experience it, you can use you arrow keys as well.
  • 2) “a participative and at the same time contemplative experience” What a load of B.S. It’s a break from the real world into a kaleidoscope of crazy colors and textures, sure, but there’s no contemplative-ness about it. Frankly it just gets boring. As for Participative: it’s a simply tapping the up and down arrows to control the speed of the animation sequence. Nothing special, new, or exciting.
  • 3) I kept asking myself: What does any of this have to do with tea?
  • 4) If you’ve seen the music video: don’t bother with the site, or vice versa, you’ve seen all they have to offer.

I suggest viewing either the website or the video, but not both.

Here’s the link to the site:

Advertising Agency: DDB Paris, France
Creative Directors: Pierrette Diaz, Matthieu Elkaim
Creatives: Nicolas Berthier, François Guyomard
Interaction Director: Branislav Peric
Digital Producers: Guillaume Cossou, Sophie Hoffman
Client partner: Marina Zuber
Account Director: Olga Papikian
Account Manager: Lennie Stern
Production: B-Reel



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