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Ad of the Day: Braise Local Food

I’m all for shopping local, not only do you know where your stuff’s coming from but you also boost the economy in your area.I think this idea from Braise Local Food is awesome. You ride you bike to a variety of local farms, getting the freshest produce and goods available.

As for the ads, I love the look, the colors, and the distressed treatment. The concept’s a little raw, slightly forced feeling in some of the pieces, but not bad.

Tour de Farms
A 30-mile bike tour of Wisconsin’s top organic farms.

Advertising Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, Milwaukee, USA
Executive Creative Director: Chris Jacobs
Creative Director: Todd Stone
Associate Creative Director: Shawn Holpfer
Art Directors: Shawn Holpfer, Josiah Werning
Copywriter: Todd Stone
Photographer: Shawn Holpfer
Published: September 2011


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