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Ad of the Day: Stilgraf (printing)

Having been through design school this campaign from Stilgraf speaks to my heart. I understand the agony of taking a beautiful piece of design work to get printed and the soul crushing feeling when your carefully selected colors turn out looking like crap. And the worst is when it’s by no fault of yours, it’s just the horrible printers at that place down the street.

Stilgraf wants you to be able to print without those nasty surprises. Not only are these pieces clean, the colors vibrant and precise, but the jokes are great also. As usual, I saved my favorite for last.

Advertising Agency: DPZ, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Jose Zaragoza, Diego Zaragoza, Fernando Rodrigues,
Rafael Urenha, Marcello Barcelos
Art Directors: Bruno Landi, Robson Oliveira
Copywriter: Guilherme Fleury
Illustrators: Bruno Landi, Robson Oliveira
Photographer: Leandro Viana
Published: March 2011



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