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Ad of the Day: Vi Agroforestry Programme (Vi-skogen)

This innovative piece from Vi Agroforestry Programme (Vi-skogen) caught my eye in not only its strive to help people or the interactivity of it, but the astounding speed in which the trees grow. Where I come from 6 months barely gets you a tree taller than your knee or thinker than your thumb, but these are able to bear fruit in that amount of time. It’s amazing.

“Roll up the ad to see how thick a tree gets in only six months.
The trees in the Vi Agroforestry Programme grow really fast. After just six months, they are big enough to bear fruit, feed the animals and fertilize the land for peasants in eastern Africa. That is why the planting of trees in the Vi Agroforestry Programme is a fast but long-term aid helping families to become self-sufficient. And planting a tree is only €2.
Plant your tree at www.viskogen.se/planteratrad and see it grow for six months.”


Advertising Agency: Pool, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Director: Johan Pödra
Copywriter: Ulf Rönnbäck
Final Art: Emma Sandler
Retouch: Patrik Zachrisson
Published: July 2011



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