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Ad of the Day: Prague Municipality (Dog Shit)

Dog shit’s a huge problem, apparently, in Prague. Enough so that the city paid for ads addressing the issue. I warn you: these aren’t for the squeamish. I’ll never own a dog in the city for just this reason, dog turds make me barf. Just the smell alone makes me gag, let alone picking it up while it’s still hot and steamy. No way.

I think my Portland metro neighbors should take a look at these. Pick up your dog’s shit!

                       “Shit is not a cool brand. Clean up after your dog.”

Advertising Agency: Kitchen, Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Director / Art Director: Matija Vujovic
Copywriter: Dragan Vekic
Photographer: Milos Nesic
Post production: D76
Published: August 2011


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