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Ad of the Day: Magnum Temptation

It’s branded as the sexy ice cream, complete with a Victoria Angel spokes model. So why are they blowing it up?  Because they think it looks cool. I’d agree for the first one or two but they seriously made 10 of them.They blew up every flavor they have and made them ALL into ads. It’s a bit excessive and wasteful in my opinion. They call it “Producing “Art” by the creative reformulation of the ingredients” What a load of B.S. The agency even issued a giant turd of a statement outlining that the idea came from scientific mumbo-jumbo related to physics and the big bang theory. Seriously, they’re a load of  pretentious crap. They blew it up and photographed it with a high shutter speed.

Oh and that horrid script says, “Insanely overfilled with stuff. The new Magnum Temptation Chocolate.” The copy stinks and so does the typeface. What a waste.

Advertising Agency: Lola, Madrid, Spain
Executive Creative Director: Pablo Monzón
Creative Director: Gustavo Marioni
Photographers: Diver & Aguilar
Copywriter: Martín Feijoo
Art Director: Esteban Franco
Published July 2011




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  1. Here’s the Making Of:

    August 23, 2011 at 3:21 am

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