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Ad of the Day: Heinz Seriously Good Pasta Sauce

Good pasta sauce is hard to find, especially in a jar. Now If this is as seriously good as they say it is I’d love to taste a sample.The ads on the other hand are a bit lacking in my opinion. Seriously though, these are decent to look at, the art is good it’s fun to explore the separate elements that make up the larger picture, but the copy has a HUGE disconnect between the beginning of the line and the end at the bottom of the page. I don’t read it as saying “We’ve made seriously ______, seriously good.” I see it more as a fragmented sentence as a head line, and a weak tagline at the bottom. “”We’ve made seriously ______” and then the tag “Seriously Good.”

Advertising Agency: DDB, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Art Director: Julia Ferrier
Copywriter: Jennie Liddell
Head of Art: Dave Brady
Account Directors: Amiee Mc Cammon, Serena Stevens
Photographer: Meek
Retoucher: Cameron Jones
Typographer: Casey King
Account manager: Alaina Luxmoore



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