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Ad of the Day: IKEA

It’s a rarity to find a really good online campaign, but this one from IKEA is pretty cool.

URL: http://demo.fb.se/e/ikea/comeintothecloset2/site/default.html

Sorry it’s all in Swedish but it’s still really cool. They had a similar, yet not as cool, campaign 2 years ago. The site’s controlled by sound and music while also using the Space bar and your mouse. Push buttons on your keyboard and the characters move and dance accordingly. There’s a drum machine as well. But the best part you can upload  MP3s and create your own soundtrack. One room would get super boring after about five minutes, so they gave you five different ones to fiddle around in. If you have a microphone (most computers come with one built-in) you can scream yell and generally make a ruckus and that will get the characters moving as well.

Advertising Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Sweden
Web Director: Mathias Appelblad
Copywriter: Fredrik Jansson
Art Director: Anders Eklind
Designers: Anton Robsarve, Christoffer Persson
Agency Producer: Peter Gaudiano, Charlotte Most, Asa Jansson
Production Company: Chamdin/Stohr, Kokokaka
Director: Amir Chamdin
Director of Photography: Gosta Reiland




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