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Ad of the Day: Human Rights Watch

Sometimes a great piece of communication is complicated or intensive, but most often it’s simple. It’s simple yet impactful. It can also be awe-inspiring and interactive, like today’s campaign from Human Rights Watch.

As most of us know location can either make or break a campaign. The team working on this campaign created the perfect recipe for success. They had a brilliant concept, great location, and fantastic execution. The photographs bring an emotional tie with the audience, a quality that’ll stick in the minds of the audience for a long time to come.

“In 2010, Burma held its first elections in 20 years. As part of its campaign to help free Burma’s 2,100 political prisoners, Human Rights Watch created a giant installation at New York’s Grand Central Station. Consisting of hundreds of prison cells, a closer look reveals that the cells bars are actually pens. Visitors could remove the pens to symbolically free the prisoners and then use the pen to sign a petition calling for the release of these innocent prisoners.”


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