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Ad of the Day: VW

It seems like VW is everywhere I turn right, from battling with Green Peace to seeing a million of their cars driving around my neighborhood to the plethora of ads they’ve put out recently. I am completely surrounded by V-dubs. Today’s campaign, though, falls short of what I expect from Volkswagen. These pieces were shown at the Cannes Lions, and they won awards, even though (in my opinion) they’re sub-par. The first two aren’t that bad, the last one ruins the entire campaign for me. If I discount the last ad, I’d give ’em 3.5 but I can’t. Therefore, I give ’em 2.5 out of 5 stars.

The photography on this last one sucks. Sorry, but it does. It looks like some mom couldn’t get her point and shoot to focus correctly and just happened to snap a picture right as her daughter eats it. Besides the bad photography, it’s inconsistent with the rest of the campaign in the styling and the subject. Why is her’s the only face we see?



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