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Vector, I love you.

Having been through design school, I’ve seen artists that excel in multiple media. Going from watercolors to oils, Photoshop and Illustrator, charcoal or pastels to pen and ink. I really hadn’t explored my artistic ability until I got into school. I had never used Photoshop or Illustrator. I’d only made art work when I forced to by teachers for Mother’s day or whatever. I was intimated by the talent of my peers and my mom. (She oil paints beautifully.) It scared me away from traditional media.

Then, I went to school, still shy about showing my work. And I still feared the realm of painting and drawing. I received encouragement from my instructors, they pushed me into sketching daily. I even dabbled with a paintbrush on occasion. But after a year of school I fell in love. His name is Vector, we met through a mutual friend named Adobe. I found an art form that I actually felt comfortable working in. Now I make those Mother’s day gifts and birthday presents with a smile on my face and I even like my finished products.

So here’s a few I’ve been working on. Hope you enjoy!


I love you, mom.

A birthday present for my hubby. (background not finished)

I love owls and baseball.


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