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Got to talk Super Bowl ads…

Everyone’s talking about the commercials from the Super Bowl yesterday. I’m a sheep and gunna do it, too. I was pretty disappointed with this years spots. Most of them seemed to be trying WAY to hard to either be shocking or funny, and they failed miserably. The usual suspects for Super Bowl ads let me down, especially the beer companies. All of them were horrible, especially Budweiser’s Old West fiasco. What a waste of time and money. If your going to pay $3 million just to air the spot, and who knows how much more constructing an old west town, at least make it good. (Watch it here: Budweiser)

Although the majority of the ads weren’t spectacular, a couple stood out to me.

Volkswagen Commercial: The Force
This cracks me up, especially because I have a four-year old boy who runs around dressed as Luke with his light saber. He keeps asking to watch the “Dark Vader movie with the car.” Too cute.

The other good ad from yesterday was Chrysler’s “Imported from Detroit” spot. I thought it was very well written and composed. It’s a Wieden and Kennedy (Portland, OR) spot, and it definitely has the Nike feel, which they are known for. Great job guys!

Non of the other spots are really worth mentioning, but there is an ad that didn’t air during the Super Bowl that’s pretty good. Check it. Network Solutions: Go Granny (parody of the Go Daddy spots)

That is all I’ve got to say about that! 🙂


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