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A lack of time

( Job hunting sucks…the life out of me. I need to get back to writing my stuff instead of cover letters and emails. So, while I work on that, here are a few ads to pass a bit of the day. I hope you enjoy. )

Many ads today leave audiences scratching their heads perplexed and honestly creeped out. I found a few like this one from Seattle’s Best Coffee (Advertising Agency: Creature, Seattle, USA)


or this one from ESPN (Advertising Agency: Mistress, USA)


Some, like this one from Bula, just leave ya speechless.

Creative Directors: Dave Henderson, Juliet Korver


Or we see crazy commercials with really cheesy actors and stupid songs like this:


And then, there are the random ones that break records and get award nominations, like this one from Nokia:

Okay that’s enough for today, gotta get back to work! 🙂



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