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Almost a new year


The new year is fast approaching. And for my family this means many changes and adjustments. Graduating college has been my focus for just over three years, and now that I’ve finished everything is changing. Of course, finding a job is a priority and relocation is a possibility. My little boy starts school this coming year, and having a 2nd grader and a kindergartener seems daunting.  But the thing that has my nerves tingling is a far bigger deal than any of that.

I don’t have my New Year’s resolution. I already quit smoking this year (thank goodness). I don’t diet, although all the Christmas cookies might change that. I don’t bite my nails or anything like that. I don’t usually put any store by New Years resolutions, but for some unbeknown reason, this year is different.

I find myself needing a mission, a calling, something on the back burner. Maye this is because I have had school to fill this space for so long that I feel a little like a wandering monkey in the rainforest, swinging from branch to branch without any real destination in mind.

I don’t have a well-defined path to follow, a logical progression of events to eventually reach a goal. Maybe this is a test. A test to see if I can really wing it in the grand scheme of life. Maybe, I actually just need to take a leap of faith, go with the flow. Get mellow and see how the ball rolls? I have never been great with spontaneity.

I started this post thinking I was going to ask for resolution ideas, but I think I found mine. Be spontaneous. Let the journey of life drive itself for once.

Chillin’ for 2011,



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