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Starts With My Hands.

We Can Do It!

When I started school I had a hard time starting projects. It was like staring at the Wall of China. An endless expanse of possibilities staring me in the face. I would sit, staring at blank computer screens, until I just had move. I couldn’t take the stillness.

One fellow student advised me to get something to occupy my hands while I thought, to ease the stress of the black page.

I got one of those stress ball things that you squeeze, but that was too much work. My hands got tired.

Then I had a blue racquet ball that I would roll and toss around, but I spent too much time chasing it when I ‘d miss.

So, then I tried writing my thoughts. It was totally free form, words and phrases mostly. But it worked. Writing or doodling kept my mind free to make the connections necessary to the project, while keeping my hands occupied in a productive and non-disrupting manner.

Now, I create word webs or word association lists. Usually, I sketch as well. This gets my brain working and thinking instinctively about the project, and pushes me to the next steps in the creative process.

What techniques do you use to help you focus when starting a new endeavor?

Starts with my hands,



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