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I had a thought the other day, it happens so rarely that I was startled. It kinda burned. J/K (that means joke, by the way). I was thinking about this blog thing and this idea came to me. I wat people to actually comment on my postings. Like start a discussion, or at least a conversation. So, I’m going to try this new fantastic ‘Daily Question’ thingy-ma-dooder. Everyday I’m going to post a question and everyone who reads it should leave an answer as a comment, hopefully starting a dialogue. Okay so this is today’s question?

Do you think it is more difficult to be moral and compassionate in todays American society, than in previous generations?

Now, discuss.

Excited to hear your answers,



One response

  1. I totally think it is harder to be and show compassion in our society today than ever previously. In previous generations it was expected for people to conduct themselves in a more conservative manner. I think our society has shifted our focus from the community to the individual and this is destroying our country.

    November 15, 2010 at 3:29 pm

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